About Us

Health & Security Bowls Club was founded in 1950 and played their home matches at the Civil Service Sports Ground Darsley Park in Benton.
In 2001 we moved to new premises at Blue Flames Sports Ground where we have since been based.

Over the years we have as a club been successful in many Club and County competitions and in 1979 we won the prestigious Bowls Northumberland Challenge Cup.

I am currently putting together a complete list of all the clubs honours since we were founded. This will take some time and I hope to have a separate page that will show all the honours the club has won over the years.

We currently play in five leagues  from Tuesday to Friday. On a Tuesday evening we play in the Knight Cup and on a Wednesday evening in the Clegg Cup with 12 players. 

On a Thursday afternoon we play in Parliamentary League again with 12 players. On a Thursday evening we play in the Public Utilities League with 6 players.

On a Friday we compete in the Crawford Smith League with 12 players. The Thursday and Friday leagues are mixed male and female members.